what charlie kaufman has to offer

let me expose the wound
i do know that it is old
i do know it is a hole in my being
i do know it is tender
i do believe it is unknowable
or at least inarticulable
i do believe you have a wound, too.
i do believe it is both
specific to you and
common to everyone
i do believe it is the thing about you
that must be hidden and protected
it is the thing that is tapdanced over
five shows a day
it is the thing that won´t be interesting to other people
if revealed
it is the thing that makes you weak
and pathetic
it is the thing that truly, truly
makes loving you impossible

it is your secret even from yourself
but it is the thing that wants to live

it is the thing from witch your art, your painting, your dance, your composition, your philosophical treatise , your screenplay is born.

(c) charlie kaufman

Charlie Kaufmann ist für mich einer der besten lebenden Autoren. Dieser Vortrag von ihm deckt in unglaublichen 5 Minuten die Quelle des kreativen Schaffens, den Zustand der Welt und Kunst als letzten Ausweg ab. Wenn ich mir was wünschen kann: Hörs dir an.




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